A Fix and a Finish

I’ve been working on this sample for my Piecing Quilting in Layers Workshop. It needs to be in the mail to Indiana….um, yesterday. I decided not to put any center squares on this flowery quilt so all the easy blocks are ready.

I’m going to piece in thin curved strips and straight thick strips, hoping for a twig and branch effect. I have a class sample using these techniques that is very graphic and “arty” looking. This quilt will have a more traditional look.

Well, this is what I get for being lazy, working on the floor beside my machine and not putting blocks up on the design wall to see how things really look. I thought I would mix the “tree bark” fabric with some more solid gray-brown thick strips. The solid is too bold and dark and looks chunky. Ok, I can switch those out real quick. 
I’m loving the tree bark but the top left twigs are way too light. And that block middle row right is a weird angle. Aargh. It’s a sample! It’s not going to be judged in Paducah! I’m doing what I tell my students not to do. D and F. Dither and Fret. But….I hear my mother’s voice. “If you’re going to do a thing, do it right.”


Ok, third try on this problem child block, starting completely over. I wonder what time the darn post office closes? Would Express Mail cost more than $50?

Twigs darker, branch at a better angle, yea! On to the binding. I absolutely knew I wanted to use the lovely gray stripe so I cut the strips before I even tested the fabric next to the quilt. I’m in a time crunch!  I hate the gray stripe….   The pinks are better but too sweet. All the florals just get lost. Could I just listen to my own inner voice? “Make visual decisions, visually. Don’t try to think’em out.”


Go with the apple green stripe or the dark tree branch fabric? I allow a full 10 minutes to ponder. (Ok… D and F)


Finished!   Mailed!   Less than $50!   Phew. Inner voices, lessons learned. We’ll not discuss procrastinating right now. 

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  1. Cindy Jones says

    Terry- When you spoke at the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild’s meeting on March 7, I asked if you had any classes on Craftsy. You suggested that I ask them about it. I did, and they sent a link to submit a course proposal. It is: http://www.craftsy.com/courseproposal. I hope to see you on there!

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