Orange Tulip


I need to make a new Tulip quilt sample for my class, Appliqué Quilting in Layers. This is how I think about what fabrics I’d like to use. I always start with the tulip color and just roughly lay out the folded fabrics I think will work. 

Next comes background blocks. I have lots of fairly light, green/aqua choices from my stash to go with my new orange batiks. I know I want dark green for the leaves so just one fabric for now to indicate contrast. I came across that polka dot and wonder if that would be interesting for the little center squares. 

I love finding just the right design bit to suggest the tulip petal. Usually the part I want is smack in the middle of my fabric. 

It helps to see where to place the pattern piece before I iron down the freezer paper.

I’ll sew the flower together, even though I haven’t quilted all the blocks yet because I can’t wait to see how it looks. So far, I like it!

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  1. Is paper pattern accessible

  2. I love it! Conversion from the other side! Keep going!!!

  3. Ooh la la

  4. Lynne Laino says:

    Love the colors!!

  5. Now you are talkin’…or should I say cookin’? Sewin’? So much more fun than graphic greys!!!!

  6. Michele blesy says:

    Lovely…very nice range of value!

  7. Andra Rudershausen says:

    Love seeing the creative process. Yours is more experienced and orderly then mine.
    My planning happens in my head mostly, or at the fabric store. I don’t spend enough
    time auditioning fabrics. Am determined to be more experimental!!! Andra

  8. Barbara Macey says:

    Morning Terry,
    An FYI: We’ve tulips that colour in one of our gardens, the colours change each
    year. There is one darker orange petal (it moves around) that is almost a very dark,
    maroon & is so velvety. There are a few tulips like this in the garden that came from
    Breck’s; the remaining bulbs are beautifully lush & vibrant coloured. So, I really love your
    initial thoughts.

  9. I love your tulips and can’t wait to see the real thing soon!

  10. so interesting to see your creative process! Thank you for sharing.

  11. Donna Thomas says:

    Terry, I can’t wait to see this finished. Tulips are my absolutely favorite flower. Beautiful colors and patterns you picked out.