Mostly Cloudy

Discipline. That’s what it took to finish this bed quilt. That and listening to “A Breath of Snow and Ashes” on CD and a beautiful bag of new fabric I can’t wait to cut into, as a reward. (notice I didn’t mention cake) I don’t name bed quilts, but if I did, I’d call this Mostly Cloudy. Or Mainly Boring. I’m going to challenge myself to try and add interest with some special, showy quilting. Not any time soon though…  I’ve folded the top and put it on the stack.

I put all the “waste” triangles up on my design wall. Sheesh. With the fabric I have remaining, I probably have enough for another boring quilt. That’s a lotta darn fabric and I purchased exactly what the pattern called for. Another challenge– how to spark up this (lack of) color scheme. I’ll save this for a later day, too because tomorrow I’m busting into my new fabric. 

I’m making an orange tulip from the pattern in my Appliqué Quilting in Layers class. All my samples are out at guilds for upcoming workshops and I need something new. Orange is soooo not in my color way but I have seen many beautiful student quilts with orange tulips. I’m ready for anything that isn’t beige. 

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  1. Wow…that is as far from a Terry quilt as I can imagine! Have fun with quilting design: I have confidence in you! I think the triangle one has some potential.

  2. Orange tulips would be lovely.
    I like this quilt. It’s a modern neutral. Quilting?

  3. Terry~ Have fun with the orange! Can’t wait to see your version! I had fun with it. I bet you come around. It’s definitely not a boring colorway!

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