Leaves and Little Squares


The leaves are usually pretty fast for me because I have so many green batiks to choose from, they fall into place. But I tend to get a little too “matchy.” With this technique, I want the fabrics to look different, otherwise, I should just cut a whole leaf from a single fabric.  
This fern fabric should work nicely to show off the curled part of the leaf.



I thought it would be nice to bring in a little of the burgundy color from the tulip petal. 
I’m a little unsure of that sort of honey comb fabric in the lower right block but I’m trying to not be so judgemental and just go with it.

Now for the “bling.” I always tell my students, I audition the little center squares last because I think of them like assesories completing an outfit. That little black dress looks different with a dramatic turquoise squash blossom necklace or a single strand of pearls.

Rejects!   I really thought those polka dots were going to look fun and funky but they weren’t right at all. A little green in the mix works sometimes but the patterns just fought with the tulip. 


More rejects!   I put these solid squares with colors from the tulip on the blocks and I liked them a lot, until I tried that subtly stripy one.
Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! This looked like a watercolor brush stroke. 


Suddenly, all the plain squares looked flat and dull next to the ones with color variation. 
Why did I think I could get away without emptying the contents of my entire stash?



And throwing fabrics all over the longarm frame and covering the floor so I can barely walk up to the design wall? Oh well, I think I found just the right “jewelry.”
Tossing fabric all over the place, I also found the perfect binding. I’m rushing off to sew that now. 

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  1. Got your groove back! Looks great!

  2. Love the orange. It looks very transparent.

  3. Andra Rudershausen says


  4. Beautiful Terry! Tulips have always been my favorite flowers.

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