I’m Neutral


This has been the view, looking out my studio windows, for the past few days. I didn’t apply a gray filter to the photo– it really is that dreary.


These are the fabrics I’ve been piecing for a quilt! Does it look like I need Prozac? When I bought them, they looked soothing, soft and neutral. I thought I might make a quilt for my son, but now, the fabrics don’t look “manly” enough. My daughter is painting her Manhatten apartment in trendy grays. Maybe she’ll like the quilt.


These are the 7 inch finished blocks I’m making from the “Fat Quarter Style” book.

The pattern uses the construction method of drawing a sewing  line and placing a square on top of the corner block.

Then, trimming a quarter inch from the sewn line. And WAISTING a ton of fabric! Yeah, sure, you could use those half square triangles by sewing the slippy bias edges. But they aren’t part of the quilt pattern so you’d have to figure out the design. Or, you could use them in a different quilt. Probably requiring another trip to the fabric store to get more fabric. Maybe I do need Prozac… feeling grumpy with this.

Well, here’s an idea.  While I have the pencil in my hand, draw 2 lines, a half inch apart and sew on both lines, then cut down the middle.  
I don’t know what I’ll do with the resulting 4 1/4 inch blocks but no way am I throwing out the fabric. 

While I’m sewing the (dreary?) (trendy gray?) blocks I can look straight ahead at my design wall and see this awesome panel by Hoffman. It’s a rainbow explosion of color! I spotted this fabric on the bolt at the Old Country Store in Lancaster and I really wanted it. But what do you do with it? My friend Ginger said I needed it. I D & F’d (dithered and fretted) and watched others buy it until there was only one panel left. Mine! Of course I can’t cut into it…but I smile every time I look up from the sewing machine and that’s better than Prozac!

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  1. Your view might be gray, but it’s still pretty! Love your Hoffman panel and your clever trick for the blocks! Can you please share with me the name of the soft green fabric with the words? Green and writing! That’s my style!

  2. I’m glad you added the second line of stitching. Now those pieces are on the way to something. I think Hoffman should have made that panel this annual challenge! Eye candy, for sure,

  3. Lynne Laino says

    Prozac – Terry you are so funny!!! And what a brilliant idea you have with the two lines 1/2″ apart! I’m definitely stealing this! Just made a couple of heart blocks for a new Guild and ended up sewing the scraps on the bias to make half-square triangles. I love your blocks!