Some Nice Quilts

Oh, I have been so remiss in showing beautiful quilts my customers have had me longarm quilt. Actually, I have been remiss in many things– like keeping up with the blog. I was crazy busy longarm quilting right before Christmas and I'm just now taking a breath.
This quilt was made by Leslie. She wanted a clean line quilting design that followed some of the piecing direction.
Leslie inspired her friend, Bunny, a new quilter, to make the same quilt in her colors. I quilted it in a similar pattern. Long straight lines require lots of scrolling with my machine but I like the look for these two quilts so much more than an over-all, edge-to-edge design. I think it's a good application for custom quilting.
Here is another quilt made by Leslie, inspired by Sujata Shah's pattern, Peppermint Pinwheels, in her book, Cultural Fusion. Leslie loves color and it's so fun to have her quilt bright in my studio.
I use an iPad App called Skitch to draw on a photo on the tablet. I audition some ideas and email or text Leslie for her input. The collaboration is one of the parts I love about longarm quilting for others.
I also made two mermaid tails and full fin regalia for two little granddaughters. I didn't snap a good picture of them wearing the costumes! Darn! It would have reminded me that, in the end, Avarie and Kenzie are beautiful mermaids and it was worth all the swearing and frustration of working with that slippery, sticky, flimsy, scaly, aggravating never-again fabric. NEVER again! I need to recover by treating myself to some yardage in a line of lovely Moda quilting cotton.
Avarie didn't have her mermaid tail on but she certainly had sea tresses made of Spanish moss. We painted shells and made necklaces to complete the ensemble.


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  1. Great post. I like the change in direction of the straight line quilting. I need to use sketching potential…both on iPad and even plain old paper. What happened to that vow last year?

  2. Leslie Skibo says

    Thanks for the compliments! Love the quilting you did – it makes the quilt!

  3. Dee Van Ingen says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the quilts you’ve shared on this blog!!!!! I’m into COLOR so love it when I see others loving it as much as I do in their quilts. Curious about your granddaughter with the Spanish Moss on her head………..did she experience chigger or other bug bites after wearing this “headdress?!?!?” We were told several years ago that you don’t want to “don” this stuff because of the bites…………thanks for an update in advance!

  4. wow what talent Gorgeous little girl

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