Nature’s Prisims

Yesterday afternoon was the artist reception at the Jenkin's Arboretum display of quilts.
It was nice to mingle with folks viewing the quilts, the other artists and supporters of this wonderful arboretum while enjoying a glass of wine.
The quilts were beautifully displayed. What a difference it makes to see your quilt hung with museum lighting.
That's Gary off to the left, mesmerized with the quilt display…maybe. I tried to get a picture of Christine, in the middle in red, but she talks with her hands. She has four quilts in the show.
I talked to quilters I haven't seen in a while. My friend Gloria is standing in front of an amazing quilt called “Crop Circles” by Joanne Shapp.
Rosemary McBride is explaining a bit about her quilt, Summer, toward the top. The quilt below, with the detail appearing in the Jenkin's announcement, is Lilac Construction by Barbara Bugliani.
It is so hard to get a good photo of this quilt, Sylvan Refractions, that I made especially for the show. I love the colors in real life but they don't appear as vibrant in photos.
I am glad I have a nice picture of this quilt, Trillium Ridge, because it won't be coming home. It has sold and I am so happy that someone else will enjoy the quilt and maybe have a connection with my love of trilliums.
If you are in the Devon, Pennsylvania area, the Nature's Prism Quilt Display is showing until February 7. Seeing the quilts is well worth a visit, and if the weather cooperates, a walk in the arboretum, might be lovely, too.


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  1. Ellen McMillen says

    Congratulations of the sale of this gorgeous quilt! I hope to get over to Jenkins Arboretum to see the quilts in person.

  2. Congratulations to you and Christine! It’s nice to see all the quilts in this post. It’s quite the accomplishment!

  3. Congrats Terry! It’s a beautiful quilt. And so glad to see that Barb Bugliani is still quilting. Now get working on your next opus.

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