Plans Awry

The weather here in eastern Pennsylvania has been fantastic. I say, viva El Niño! Gary and I decided to take a long hike at The Laurals Preserve, part of the Brandywine Conservancy. But it was not to be. We were stopped at the locked gate with a sign announcing a controlled deer hunt.
What to do? Carry on to The Whip!
Where we could share a pint and drown our disappointment.
And share an order of the best Welsh rarebit ever. I've been trying to create this recipe at home. I know it is Stilton and aged cheddar cheese and Smithwicks ale and Coleman's mustard. Still working on the right ratios.
The Whip is a great pub. The food and the beers on tap are an authentic experience and you'd swear you were in Yorkshire. Actually, if you're not local, you can't figure out where you are, if you manage to get here at all. The restaurant is way, way out in the countryside in beautiful Chester County. It's past the buffalo herd and the horse pastures and you need to turn at the Blow Horn intersection– blow your horn because you can't see around the old stone farm house that extends almost into the road. Then just keep going until you get there.
Everyone comes to The Whip, workers that finished mucking horse stalls and the gentry that drove over in the Rolls Royce. And hikers whose plans have gone awry, in a good way!


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  1. Leslie Skibo says

    My two favorite places in Chester County!

  2. We’ve been there once. Must go again!

  3. Lynne Laino says

    What a gorgeous dish! I went there once with a group of women and I wasn’t driving but it felt like we were driving forever! At one point I asked, “are we still in PA?” – hahaha! I had my first Scotch Egg there!

  4. I will say it certainly looks good!

  5. The only reason I GO to the WHIP is the Welsh Rarebit!!! And the short ribs….

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