I planned to show a photo of the beautiful lights or the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center but my camera phone was full. I had to go on a “screaming delete fest” as the Apple geeks call it, to free up space. Sigh. Another bunch of precious moments lost. So this is a shot from the 33 rd floor window of my daughter's apartment in Manhatten.
I think we all enjoyed “The Book of Morman” but Gary vows to do a little more research on suggested shows next year. Humm…
We definitely appreciated Michael and Kira treating us to dinner at Mr. K's restaurant. Best Peking duck I've had since visiting Shanghai. Champaign accompanies duck very, very well. Much better than green tea.
Since Gary had a business meeting, Kira and I got to spend the day together. We took a walk on the Highline Trail. How cool is an elevated Trail! I'd like to walk the length in the spring or summer when everything is in bloom –and the ice cream shops and cafes are open.
We went to the garment district where I scored some gorgeous silks at Butterfly Fabrics.
Great salads for lunch at Maison Kayser. Some of those cookies got devoured on the Bolt Bus on the way home. Mostly by Gary…
We also went to the Lyons Wier Gallery. I've been dying to see the embroidered portraits by Cayce Zavaglia.
This artist is so amazing. From a few steps back, you would swear her work is a painting.
Step closer, and you realize what you thought were brush strokes are actually stitched threads.
The backside, or verso, as Zavaglia refers to it, tells another story. Check out this short video to see how the artist creates the portraits. I particularly like that she considers the process as important as the product. As a quilt artist, I identify with that. I do care that my artwork in fabric retains the essence of the quilting process, the precision and needlework, an important element of the image.
This country girl learned a lot in the Big City. I figured out how to use Uber– though it couldn't locate my position at first… I bought a ride on the subway– two tickets, actually, because the first one wouldn't work….grrr. I walked about a million city blocks, learned about Mormans, ate some great food, saw amazing artwork, and was reminded how good it is to live in the small village of Kennett Square! Best, by far, I got to spend time with my wonderful daughter.


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  1. What a great eclectic visit. I have seen photos of those quilts, but didn’t know they are in NYC. Oh and I could have used some silk, as always. And I heard so many great things about that show. It’s on my must see list.
    Thank goodness for business meetings.

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