Just Enjoy the Day

It's crazy warm on the east coast! I can't believe I'm on my bike and it's 70 degrees in mid December. I'm humming, “It's beginning to look a lot like……Spring!” I know friends are whining about how we need some snow and it doesn't feel like Christmas. To heck with that!
I have abandoned quilts that aren't going to get done by Christmas anyway.
I have deserted sewing projects on Someone's santa list that have to get done by Christmas.
I've wheedled Gary into putting the golf clubs aside and we drove to Chesapeake City, Maryland, for a bike ride on the C and D canal. Years ago, mules hauled the big ships across the state of Delaware along this canal connecting the Delaware Bay and Chesapeake Bay. It's amazing to see tankers coming straight toward you.
The trail is a lovely, wide paved path for almost 17 miles. Ah… This is the hard way. I told him to go up and over the spillway.
At the midway point, Aqua Sol restaurant is a good lunch stop.
That man will grab any excuse for a rest and can sniff out a beer all the way from the trail.
I have to admit, sitting outside, overlooking the marina in December is special.
Heading back to the trailhead, the daylight wanes and the afternoon was too short. We ended our ride with a crabcake and glass of wine at Schaffer's canal House.
The sunset on the drive home was spectacular. Sometimes it's important to chuck all the chaos and stress and “have to do” things on the list and just enjoy the day.


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