Christmas Bee Lunch

Every year the Sometimes We Do quilt bee gathers for a delicious Christmas lunch.
This was just some of the appetizers!
The Christmas tree was trimmed and the decorations and beautiful table set at Susie's house, put us all in the spirit. The champagne (did I spell it right this time, Kira?!) contributed greatly to the mood, too!
After lunch we exchanged hand-made gifts.
The gift maker is kept a secret. We all draw a number and the rules of the exchange allow for “stealing” a gift from another or selecting a wrapped package from under the Christmas tree when your turn comes up. Nobody dared to take this wonderful, warm throw, made by Susie, from Karen.
My gift was a bag. Everyone was shocked– Terry made a bag? I can't quite figure out the surprise.
1. They think I can't follow pattern directions?
2. They aren't aware of my extensive experience in garment construction?
3. They don't appreciate my diversity in all things quilty?
As an artiste, I may have mentioned that “Picasso doesn't paint the garage” a few too many times… I think Ginger went home with the bag and that is very gratifying because last year, I received a bag she made, and I like it so much, it was my inspiration.
Joan got this cute wall hanging made by Karen.
I got this adorable pillow and set of mug rugs, made by Joan. We had a fun time snatching and trading gifts, admiring each other's creativity and sharing good food and drink. Quilting friends are really the best. Thanks to all!


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  1. What a nice yearly get together, it looks like you all had fun!

  2. I think it is the colors of the bag that surprised them. It looks like a fun day…so typical of your bee.

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