My J.O.B.

Seriously, I have the best job ever. It wasn't always so. When I graduated from college and moved East, teaching positions were scarce so I started working for a bank in the marketing department. My friends reading this are dieing laughing– Terry! Numbers! — not possible. But I did spend several years running regression analysis and computing all sorts of statistics and making frantic phone calls to my husband, “How do I find that percentage thing again?” I was deliriously joyful at my exit interview, moving on to become a mother and homemaker.
When I bought my longarm machine, I never entertained the idea of quilting for others. But now I meet such interesting people and they let me quilt their beautiful creations. Tracy and Rich brought me a quilt they made together. Rich had a very specific plan for the quilting and actually mapped it out on paper– I suspect he's an engineer…
Tracy hand pieced all the 9 patch blocks together over years, intending to make a quilt for their bed. Sewing the blocks together by hand with sashing and borders was daunting, so Rich bought a sewing machine. And taught himself to sew! He's got to be an engineer… The top was really big and tested the very limits of my Gammill's 18 inches of quilting space.
That is a whole lot of hot pink backing.
Rich specified 16 petal daisies, radiating from a circle in the center, quilted in the blocks. I made a template out of cardboard.
I knew I couldn't just freehand the whole flower and have it look good. I used a plastic circle template and a straight ruler because Rich wanted the design to be uniform.


I did freehand the feathers but the borders and 4 patches got more ruler work. So, how do you figure out how to evenly space three quilt lines along 4 long borders? Resort to math and measuring? Noooooo! Marking a length of masking tape and moving it as I go works for me. I'm so not an engineer…
Tracy and Rich decided they really wanted their quilt “bed ready” so I squared the top, and bound the quilt for them. Those monster T squares are for carpet laying– sorta “borrowed” from Gary.
The solid pink fabric with the blue quilting thread really shows off the design on the back.
It was hard to get a good picture of this beautiful quilt. I miss all those bright colors in my studio.
Rich texted me in route to pick up the quilt. “Don't be alarmed–I'm coming on my Harley” I meet such interesting people! And quilt such lovely creations! Maybe I can't really call this a J.O.B.


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  1. That is one darn fantastic quilt. So bright, simple & elegant. What a great story behind it!!!! And you did a wonderful jog quilting it.mmit is nice you didn’t have to decide what to do on it and that he actually gave you a do-able design. Another great learning lesson!

  2. This is a perfect JOB for you. You did a great job. So not what I expected. Your feathers are impressive. Keep up the good work.

  3. Wow that is a lot of color! It sounds like they were very happy with your work!

  4. Lynne Laino says

    Just beautiful!!

  5. Terry, this is a masterpiece. I hope that Rich can understand what a beautiful job you did. The quilt top IS
    quite wonderful but the quilting, as usual, just makes it..

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