Christmas Trees

Peggy made this beautiful quilt top. She and her husband own Don's Tree Farm in Greenwood, Delaware. Click on the link to read about all the events for the Holiday season, including Santa visits, and new this year–trains! It is a wonderful family experience and a great place to find your perfect Christmas tree. People come from miles around to collect the free ornament, gifted with each tree purchased. Peggy has a Christmas Shop filled with fresh wreaths, center pieces and decorations of all kinds.
She wants me to quilt the top to hang in her shop. Gulp!
I really wanted to do a good job for my friend and the top was on my design wall for quite a few days while I cogitated, (ok…fretted.) Peggy's direction for the quilting was, “Do whatever you want.” Big gulp! I took a photo and used the App, “Skitch” on my iPad to sketch out some ideas. I wanted to break up the space but not detract from the gorgeous trees.
I really love it when I can use a line of masking tape and not have to put any type of marking on the top.
This is serious fun! Freehand quilting swirling snow in drifts behind and around the stands of pine trees.
Snowflakes falling and snowballs flying amid the drifting snow.
It's so great to quilt for your friends, because you think about them as you work. Peggy loves Christmas and decorates her home so creatively. The wide green border got swags of holly and berries and some bows and feather bits, and I am smiling, remembering our Bee having Christmas lunches at Peggy's house.
Tucked under one of the evergreen boughs, I quilted a little snowman. I wish I had taken a picture of the backing fabric Peggy found for her quilt. Antique red pickup trucks, loaded with a Christmas tree, coming home with the family.
The finished quilt. Perfect for Christmas at Don's Tree Farm!


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  1. It turned out great!

  2. Oh I have missed seeing your work. I went through so many of your recent posts. I love the quilting on this tree quilt. The snowman, holly and the berries and all! What you said is right, quilting for a friend makes you think about that friend so much! Enjoyed reading your posts on finishing Maine! Congratulations! I am simply amazed! Congratulations also on your quilts being accepted at the Jenkins and teaching again at MAQ! I left with the best memories of that weekend this past summer.

  3. Great quilting– Your friends will love it–I am sure!

  4. Ellen McMillen says

    Beautiful interpretation Terry – your quilting added such interest to this quilt.

  5. Leslie Skibo says

    really beautiful quilting – great job Terry!

  6. Dee Van Ingen says

    Peggy’s a dear friend down here in LSD country!!!!! CANNOT WAIT to see her masterpiece in person in a week or so!!!!!!

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