Fallen Leaves

Hiking down into Sage's Rivene was beautiful. The contrast between the green pines, tannin blackened water and red leaf carpet was striking.
The stream carved a sharp gorge and undercut the rocks.
The Trail guide mentions, “numerous swimming holes” and I tryed to picture how different, and inviting this spot would be on a hot summer day.
I love looking at the leaves beneath the waters surface.
I even made a quilt about leaves on the river bottom after a canoe trip on the Brandywine River, years ago.
Sage's Ravine was dark and mysterious, and that makes hiking up into the open forest a little magical. Laura and I were quiet and contemplative, enjoying the woods.
The hard work of the day was climbing Mt. Everett. These rock ledges on the mountain's shoulder go on for just about a half mile.
Laura does not like exposure and stays well back from the edge.
It was very overcast but the sun occasionally peaked through the clouds and gave us nice views of the fall colors across the valley below.
I really appreciate a sign that lets you know you have actually reached the top of the mountain. The state of Maine could take a note here.
Back down in Great Barrington, I had to snap a quick photo of this church. I guess a new foundation is the plan. Being a section hiker out on day hikes is so wonderful. I get to see the small towns all along the Appalachian Trail, adding another dimension to the journey. That, and a soft bed and MUCH better dinner!



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