Fabric and Cake

I left a little early for my trip to the Annapolis Quilt Guild because I wanted to visit Cottoseed Glory Quilt Shop.
They carry a fantastic selection of Kaffe fabrics and batiks– and lots of other wonderful quilty things. Like Thangles, that I couldn't find at a single vendor at the Oaks quilt show.
I got seduced by the greens, as usual. And one lone orange fat quarter. I am really kicking myself for not buying a whole bunch more orange fabrics. Of course I remembered a project I need lots of orange colors for, after I got home.
The Annapolis Guild has a super room to hold workshops.
I had a really fun day with these talented ladies. Thank you for hosting my workshop!
Next week is Gary's birthday. He has a busy week so I decided we should start early with a cake.
This magazine is currently in the grocery store and that cover photo had me salivating in line, waiting to check out. The recipe didn't disappoint! Apple spice cake with Carmel apple topping.
There was more batter than could fit in my two cake pans so I made a bitty cake, too. I also wanted to test the Carmel sauce to see if it would “drizzle.” I know what you're thinking…and NO, I did not taste test the bitty cake. But man, did I ever want to!
A Bite of Italy restaurant in Kennett Square graciously allowed me to bring the cake for serving after dinner. Eleven friends can really demolish a big cake. And that's a good thing!


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  1. Happy Birthday Gary! I want a bite of that cake!

  2. Judie Booth says

    Hi Terry. I was soooo disapointed to miss your workshop. I had signed up in March and then again in October. My husband had to have an unplanned surgery up in Pa that same day. So we had to go up on Monday. So I missed the Guild and workshop. I love your quilts and follow your blog. If you want, I can pick up the orange fabrics you want at Cottonseed Glory QS. I love that shop, they have an amazing number of fabrics to choose from. I will be in Downingtown on Nov 5th and could give them to Kelly. Let me know

  3. I’m glad those were caramel coated apples: I thought they were Kraft caramels at first!

  4. Lynne Laino says

    I love those greens you bought! And that cake looks AMAZING!!!! I love the little cake – so sweet! You have much more self-control than I do not eating that little beauty! And thanks for the heads-up on a new cooking magazine – oh no!!

  5. Dee Van Ingen says

    Cotton Seed Glory quilt shop is a FAV when I’m traveling from Delaware to northern VA (plus they have a bathroom they’re willing to let my husband and I use!!!!!!!) The shop always has something I drool over! Happy you were able to enjoy it!!!!!

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