Connecticut Finished

Look at that bright blue sky. A cold front moved in, dropping temperatures overnight. I had on two long sleeve shirts and a light down jacket. I didn't want to stop long enough to put on my hat and gloves and we would be climbing soon, so I expected to warm up.
Less than a half mile hiking, we reached the top of Bear Mountain. The remaining six miles were a gentle meander down. We quickly crossed the Massachusetts, Conneticut state line. Years ago, Laura and I and two other friends, backpacked the trail through New York and Conneticut but I went home, leaving just a few miles to finish the state.
I spotted this harmless garter snake, sunning himself.
Lots of folks were hiking up to Lions Head. A great view is a wonderful reward.
Down in Salisbury another reward. Woohoo! I have completed Conneticut and started hiking in Massachusetts. I am looking forward to the hiking north into Vermont.
Mt. Washington Road to Guilder Pond 6.6 miles
Mt. Washington Road to Cobble Road 6.8 miles
Total section 29.6
Miles remaining 675.7


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  1. OK, so much for my resolution to proof before pressing: that was MILES not Mike

  2. omg! t! The number of Mike’s remaining is getting smaller & smaller. I’m not a betting gal, but I say you are going to get ‘er done!

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