I wish I had a better photo of this pretty quilt. I have been remiss in showing quilts I have longarm quilted for customers. Andra made this quilt, and I have to tell you, those small blocks were perfect.
I got to admire the fabric choices in each block as I stitched in the ditch and quilted a leafy meander. Andra wants to hang this quilt on the wall and we had a discussion about the best batting to provide support. I heard a great tip– of course, after I had finished the quilt. To achieve a square and flat quilt for a wall hanging, use decorator fabric for the backing.
Andra pieced her backing, using up leftovers from the quilt top fabrics. I like to do that, too. But I want to try the decorator fabric sometime to see how that works.
Andra could hang this quilt front or back. Front side, Traditional quilt. Back side, Modern quilt. A Twofer! Thanks for letting me quilt for you, Andra.



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  1. Interesting: I often use decorator fabric on back because I stockpiled it is large prices years ago when calico was the main quilting fabric & I wanted bigger prints and also because it is wider than standard fabric.

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