Sweet Miles

After an amazing breakfast at the Young House bed and breakfast, we headed to Baxter State Park. Laura and I have tried to hike the 10 miles leading up to the base of Mt Katahdin twice before. Two years ago, after backpacking 40 miles of the 100 Mile Wilderness, Laura took a bad fall and broke her wrist. Last year, we decided to get the big job done first. Summit Katahdin, and the following day, do the easy 10 miles. What were we thinking? We did make it to the top, kissed the sign and got down safely at 8:30pm, so mentally and physically exhausted, hiking across a parking lot was out of the question, far less, 10 miles the next day.
So we returned to hike these 10 very beautiful and contemplative miles together. Again, Gary dropped us off and spent his day fishing and canoeing on Daicy pond.
The Trail meanders along the Nesowadnahunk Stream and tumbles down Little Niagra Falls.
Just a mile down river, Big Niagra Falls. It was a great day to take our time and enjoy the beauty. We passed at least 20 ThruHikers going North and I am awed at what it has taken to hike 2,180 miles from Georgia. I congratulated them on their accomplishment but they were quick to point out, they still face the challenge of climbing Mt Katahdin.
There were lots of folks that took the trail to the waterfalls. This man stayed in our B and B last night and was making pictures of the falls with a pin hole camera. I'd love to see those photographs.
Several times we got great views of Mt Katahdin. I can see the rocks from this distance– The Spur, the Tablelands, The Knife Edge, Baxter Peak. Knowing that I have already climbed that bad mountain makes this hike very sweet.
There are two river fords on this hike that can be treacherous in high water. No trouble at all for us and a great opportunity for a boots-off break and photos.
We finished the hike at the Abol Bridge, with Katahdin in the background, metaphorically and physically, and met Gary for Gifford's ice cream cones at the campground store. My very favorite end to a hike.
Katahdin Stream Campground to Abol Bridge
9.9 Miles Hiked


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  1. Great! Go Terry. Looking forwar to many more miles reported.

  2. Awesome!

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