Maine Redux Number Two

It took us well over an hour to drive logging roads into the 100 Mile Wilderness in Maine, so that we could use a side trail to access the Appalachian Trail. Laura and I have hiked hundreds of miles together and now she has just 31 miles left to complete her section hike of the entire AT. I started hiking at Amicolola Falls in Georgia with Laura 11 years ago and I want to hike these last few miles with her as she finishes. Gary snapped a quick photo and then will get back in the car to drive about 80 miles to pick us up.
It's a beautiful day but steamy hot, in the 80's. Where is that crisp, cool air?
Already I'm thinking about quilting! My quilt with pink trillium blossoms is headed to the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza show, September 17-20.
I am grateful for the recent dry weather. It makes crossing the East branch of the Pleasent River a rock hop instead of a ford.
I have hiked past so many beaver dams and I have never seen a beaver. When do they do all this work, anyway? I have spotted beavers before, just never on the Appalachian Trail, which is probably a good thing because I'd want to stay and watch.
Driving the dirt logging roads is as extreme a challenge as hiking the mountains. You absolutely must have an SUV type of vehicle to negotiate rocks, washouts, “corduroy” log segments and high clearance to drive through streams and mud holes. Most importantly, you have to be able to decipher the maps where nothing at all is marked and be able to back up for miles when you hit a dead end with no turn around possibility. Thankfully, Gary excels in these skills and actually enjoys the “driving.” Leaving the 100 Mile Wilderness, you must stop at the check point and pay a fee of $12 per person to the Log Company PIRATES.

Driving out, this seems completely insane, right! But, we have hiked without having to haul a 30 pound backpack. Woo hoo!
We can eat dinner in a restaurant, take a shower and sleep in a comfy bed. Chocolate chip cookies!
And tomorrow morning, we will be served a bountiful breakfast at the lovely Young House B and B in Milliknockit.
Gary and I are in the A.T. room. Close enough for me!
Logan Brook Trail to Crawford Pond
7.4 Miles hiked.



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  1. So happy for Laura!

  2. Crazy…80 miles on a ‘road’ to pick you up 7 miles down the trail. True love!

  3. Yay Gary!

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