Not hiking, hanging out waiting for a tire. Gary spent the whole morning calling tire distribution centers. “Porsche Cayenne? Is that some kind of foreign car?” Umm, yeah. Apparently they don’t buy foreign cars in Maine or tires that fit them. The four of us brainstormed numerous plots involving renting a car, driving somewhere, anywhere, to pick up and deliver the new tire — a complete impossibility. They don’t have car rentals in Maine. We tried getting a shuttle into the 100 Mile Wilderness, totally impossible. Unless we want to drive to Boston, tire fix is not happening today.
It’s really hard to imagine, in this day and age, just how stuck and out of options you can actually get. The nice owner of our motel drove us back to Greenville and Gary had the garage take the tire off and put the donut tire on. This involved taking all the crap out of the back and sitting with most of it in our laps because the big tire rim was in the back. But we needed transportation, to meals, for instance, since Kineoview is 15 miles from anything. So we drove 28 miles on the donut tire to Dexter, Maine. Well, that drive was almost as interesting as trying to get up a rock logging road.
Always Be Prepared. That’s my first rule and I was glad to have my appliqué blocks and a good book because we had to bide our time waiting for the tire. We stayed at The Brewster Inn, a gorgeous home originally built for Govenor Owen Brewster. Brewster was played by Alan Alda in the movie “The Aviator.” Gary and I actually slept in the room President Harry Truman stayed in.
Our Innkeeper suggested dinner at Pastimes Pub, a very cool restaurant a few miles away in Dover-Foxcroft. The building was a bank and still has the old vault and teller window. Farm to table cuisine and a pint or two shared with good friends ended the day we should have been climbing Whitcap Mountain.
Really, really tired of tires, we finely got on our way after noon, dropped Laura and Tim off at home in Newburyport, Massachusetts and drove straight on home to Pennsylvania. Gary got a few hours sleep and headed to the airport for a trip to Charleston. Which is why we couldn’t just stay and finish the hike.
We left Laura’s car at the trailhead near the AT so that she and Tim could drive their other car back to Maine and hike the 14 miles. They did that on Saturday and Sunday and Laura reported that the backpack over Whitecap and three other peaks was very difficult, wet with rain and no views because of dense fog.
I am so depressed to not have completed those 14 miles of the Wilderness. I can’t imagine how I would be able to get back there without extreme difficulty and expense. Not to mention that Gary said he is never going back. I am bitterly disappointed not to have been able to finish the last miles of Laura’s Appalachian Trail hike with her. I am jumping up and down, cheering and fist-pumping, deliriously happy for her amazing accomplishment. At least I helped her make it possible.
Miles hiked 17.3
Miles Remaining 705






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  1. I am so sad for you!

  2. That is a real bummer. Difficult to imagine. Any chance Laura will go back and redo those miles with you? Maybe make them YOUR last miles as well.

  3. Cheryl lynch says

    As you would say Ratz!
    You need to write a book about all your adventures.

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