Tomato Time

I used to say there are only three good things about August. Corn, tomatoes and September comes next. I love Fall so much that I can't wait for colors changing and cooler days, but the older I get, the less anxious I am to rush through anything!
I was telling my friend Lynne, I planned on stopping at Petes Produce to pick up some Arkansas Travelers. Lynne is a fantastic cook. Yup, I know a finalist in the Pillsbury Bakeoff. We're talking, really fantastic cook! I told her I use these lovely, heirloom tomatoes for roasting because they taste amazing, size is perfect, very tiny core and minimum seedy stuff. If I had a salt shaker in my car, some of them wouldn't make it all the way home.
I know I've blogged about this recipe before, but it's so good, I just have to repeat because Lynne needs this. I did warn her, be prepared when you pull these out of the oven. You need a crusty loaf of bread in one hand and a baseball bat in the other. Kidding about the bat, but seriously, they're that good. Another thought is, forget the bread, if you need anything from the grocery store, like, say, shampoo or whatever, you will have volunteers panting to make a trip for you, just to get the bread.
Here is the recipe for Slow Roasted Tomatoes. You really can use any kind of tomatoes, they're all fantastic.
If you can keep yourself and others from gobbling all the tomatoes straight from the pan, here are some suggestions for using them in recipes. I freeze them to use all year long. Just chop frozen to add to a pizza you are going to cook. Or I thaw a couple and make a killer open faced grilled cheese sandwich with bacon. That's what summer tastes like in February!
The roasted tomato oil is wonderful also. I reuse the reserved oil, adding more as needed to top it up to a cup, for about three batches of tomatoes. It just gets more concentrated and delicious. After the last batch, I pour off the remaining oil and bake focaccia in the pan. Delicious! Hope you like it, Lynne.



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  1. Lynne Laino says

    What an honor to be mentioned in your blog! I’m so happy to get this recipe, as I was thinking about it as I picked my cherry tomatoes waiting impatiently for my meaty San Marzanos to ripen! It’s wonderful to learn about a new variety to me, the Arkansas Travelers are such a perfect size for this! I am definitely making these! And thank you for the lovely compliments (blush!). How lucky was I to get the seat across from you at lunch!!

    And how have I not been a follower of your blog before now? I’ve rectified that situation!!!

  2. Nancy Truono says

    Terry, you too are a terrific cook! I can’t wait to try these tomato recipes! When I visit family in Maryland, I buy two cases of tomates from my favorite farmer. I just can’t get enough of them! Thanks for sharing.

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