River Riding

This looks like a road in central Illinois where I grew up. No, I'm not there visiting my Mom and family, but I wish I was.
The weather on Sunday was so perfect, Gary and I biked the Lancaster County River Trail from Columbia to Bainbridge.
This multi-use trail technically isn't a Rail Trail but it parallels an active rail rode corridor and the Susquehanna River. The area is steeped in history and interpretive signs with facts and explanations are available. You know, I have to stop and read each and every one of these. Gary doesn't stop for anything.
He was so far ahead of me I couldn't yell loud enough to point out the bald eagle I spotted soaring above. We caught up at this observation post. The viewer is pointed at the eagles nest across the river. Gosh they're huge! Nobody home, I guess they're all off fishing and mousing.
The trail is so diverse. We rode through shady wooded areas and banks of these yellow flowers. We call these “Caity Birthday Flowers” and told our daughter they were planted every August for her. Happy Birthday, Cait!


These big limestone deposits were quarried and moved out by rail. Not quite the White Cliffs of Dover, but still impressive.


The little village of Marietta has gorgeous old homes with beautiful gardens. In the late 1700's it must have been a prosperous and bustling River town with a ferry and iron forge. We passed several nice looking restaurants with folks enjoying lunch on patios and decks.
How cute and civic minded!
I couldn't resist taking a peak.


Most of the trail is wide and paved. Even the unimproved sections are easy to ride on though.
Did I say Gary stops for nothing? Well. Almost nothing! We had lunch at this biker bar, although we were the only ones not riding Harleys and might have received a snigger or two as we pulled up. Can't beat country music, great comraderie and a cheese steak sandwich and two beers for $7.
Rested and refueled we turned around to ride back. I love the sections that come down to river level.
“When flooded, turn around” Sounds like good advice.
At the Columbia end of the trail, you can park your bike and climb up several hundred feet to the top of the bluffs. Note to self– do this before riding 16 miles– and one beer.
Even on tired, wobbley legs, the view at the top was worth the considerable effort.
A perfect end to a day spent cycling along the Susquehana River.


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