It’s the Little Things

Can I just say how delighted I am with this thread rack!
I did have to withstand a fair amount of aggravation to get it tho. I've been looking for a good way to store my longarm threads and saw variations of these wire shelves on Pinterest. Someone pinned this unit and said they got it at Target. I went online and found it in stock at a nearby store. Drove to the store and had to engage multiple sales associates in the search, finely determining that, not only do they not have it, they don't even sell ClosetMaid brand, even if my phone shows the web page saying that they do. Aaarrrghhh.
Out in the parking lot, plotting revenge, I googled ClosetMaid and found Home Depot sells it. They have my shelves and even tell me what isle to find them in! Woohoo, my bad mood dissapaits. Only to return double-fold an hour later at Home Depot when, standing in isle 33, throwing wire shelves all over the place, I cannot find my unit. You would think all this commotion and loud swearing would attract a sales person, but no, I have to spend 20 minutes tracking one down. Yes, they sell ClosetMaid but they don't carry the unit I want, even tho my phone clearly shows the web page of the specific store I'm standing in, saying that they do, in isle 33. Aaarrrghhh.
I have to order the shelves and wait for them to come in at the store 4 days later. There are lessons to be learned here.
1. Never, ever trust the Internet and drive off in gleeful euphoria expecting immediate gratification.
2. All's well that ends well.



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  1. I just know Erma BombEck is smiling from somewhere knowing that you are carrying on her way of expressing frustration at life with a good sense of humor.

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