Call for Entry

Do you think they have someone at Longwood Gardens with the title of Texture Specialist? Is there a degree program at a university that teaches visual texture? If there is, Longwood's got PHD's on staff.
Color always gets my attention but I can get lost in amazing texture.
Especially if it's green.
Green has always been my favorite color. In my studio, I have 33 baskets of fabric sorted by color. Eight baskets are for my greens.
I have so little purple and pink fabric, they actually share a basket. This needs to be rectified.
The huge leaves of these lotus plants feel as smooth as they look. I've been thinking about texture and green because I have been working on a quilt to enter into the Jenkin's Arboretum exhibit “Nature's Prisims.” You can find the prospectus and entry form here.
I've never made a large quilt with red trilliums. I don't want any feel of Christmas so I've been very selective with the green colors and I've tried to concentrate on variety in the visual texture of the fabrics.
There are so many lessons to be learned at Longwood Gardens. Now if I could just get some creative ideas about prisims.


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  1. Golly, your photos are gorgeous!! Did you use your iPhone? Special tools? Breathtaking. What challenging inspiration….taking on Mother Nature. Bring on the red trilliums. I await.

  2. Cheryl Lynch says

    I am always inspired by Longwood whenever I visit. That’s when you realize that green is a neutral and goes with everything. I’m not surprised that the majority of your fabric is green. Can’t wait to see your quilt.

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