From Grrrrr to Wah Hoo!

It wasn't such a great start to Thursday morning. I was driving to Hershey to meet my friend Christine at the Quilt Odyssey Show. Stuck in traffic on the Pennsylvania turnpike, I actually had an extra hour to eat a leasurely lunch in my car, staring at the blank expanse of the rear of the semi truck in front of me. Then, it took 30 minutes to get a parking space and walk from the hinterlands into the convention center. Grrrrrr.
But my day abruptly changed for the better when I saw the red ribbon hanging next to my quilt, Sweetwater Gap Bloodroot. Christine arrived before I did and tho we texted back and forth several times while I was fuming enroute, she never gave me a hint. I was so surprised! I hadn't even thought to ask if she had seen the quilt. Wah hoo! Way to change my attitude!
It was so fun to see quilters taking a close look. I know they're asking each other, how did she do those squares?
Everyone these days seems to think they have way too much fabric and quilting “stuff.” I have lots…but I plan to sew up all that fabric! I don't let it burden me into not getting new stuff, like this cute appliqué organizer.
These fabric bundles called to me at Webfabrics.
And Fat Quarters are as hard to resist as Snickers.
This packet from Quilt Basket contains 16 Fat Eighths. It might be perfect for a new Quilt in Layers. I don't know how any of my new fabrics will be used. For now, they're just lolling around the sewing room, making me happy.
That alone is worth a Wah Hoo!



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  1. Hey Terry,

    Congratulations! That quilt is amazing! I can stare at it all day just like all those quilters at the show admiring it. I am so bummed I missed the show. Looks like you got some great stash builders!

  2. Christine says

    Great finds at the show…from ribbons to fabric. I love the fact that some of these fabrics are out of your ‘norm’. I look forward to them developing into a beautiful project.

  3. Andra Rudershausen says

    Congrats! That is awesome! NOW I am mad I didn’t stop on the way to the farm. Love your cute and happy buys too. That’s why I couldn’t go…
    after six days solid decluttering, I still have enough to last me approx 89years. I am sewing! Yeah! Andra

  4. Catherine says

    Congratulations Terry! Your quilt is beautiful. Your appliqué organizer is adorable! A heaxagon base and a flower pot topiary at the center. It reminds me of a Maypole. Did you make it?

  5. Ellen McMillen says

    Wish I had seen the quilts before I saw you at the show so I could have said CONGRATULATIONS in person! I overheard two women expressing their opinion that you should have received the Blue ribbon. Ditto!

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