Air Conditioning

Well, it's “pay the man” time for the lovely crisp, cool air last week. The temperature is supposed to hit 97 today and stay in the 90's the rest of the week. I am cowering in the air conditioning. And I'm not the only one. Gary did not play golf or tennis yesterday. Gasp! He just left to go to Dicks Sporting Goods. To fondle the clubs? To ward off some kind of withdrawal fit? I guess I should have inquired about this trip since he isn't much of a shopper. I'm interested to see if something expensive comes home with him.

While it's a heat wave outside, it's great Longarming weather inside. I've been working on this gorgous log cabin quilt for a new customer. The size is right at the limits of my frame and machine.

The quilt is intended for a wedding gift and the client did not want a large build up of thread, making the quilt stiff. She thought an open, meandering design would work. My first thought was a basic leaf but when I drew it out, the leaves gave me a “green” feeling. I liked the second attempt, oak leaves and acorns much better.
I recently quilted this quilt. Similar to a T shirt, a new trend is to cherish memories using a child's baby clothes. My friend Susie pieced the quilt, carefully selecting the beautiful and fun parts of the little dresses and rompers. It was a bit of a challenge to hold up the collars and loose motifs to quilt around, but it adds so much interest it was well worth the effort.
What I enjoyed most was selecting quilting patterns. With so many different design ideas to choose from, I just let myself have fun filling the spaces.
The back showed off like a whole cloth sampler. Quilting this quilt made me wish I had saved my own children's little outfits. I can't imagine how I would have preserved anything to piece after cutting away all the stains tho!



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  1. Cheryl lynch says

    You are going to have a huge pile of quilts waiting their turn at your long arm, my talented friend!

  2. Christine says

    Boy oh boy….you’ve come a long way, baby, with that long arm! I really like the border for the first quilt and the quilting motif is awesome! The clothing quilt is adorable, great quilting designs as well.

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