Shenandoah Day Six

Right out of the Trailhead we start assending Blackrock mountain. I'm glad we don't have to scrabble to the actual top of this jumble of rocks. It would be nice to see the full circle view but I'm content to just walk around on this easy path. Only in Shenandoah National Park is the Appalachian Trail so accommodating.
It's much warmer today and getting humid, too. Laura and I are very grateful for every waft of cool breeze. The rhododendron and mountain laurel are starting to open blooms. I think this could be a quilt but I'm not sure how I would do all those tiny star-like bud shapes.
This is an amazing old oak tree. Laura speculates it was around before the American Revolution.
Another beautiful old tree. I guess this is “tree” day which is pretty ironic since we are hiking to Sawmill Overlook. We have hiked thru big open meadows and the top of Turk Mountain was open and grassy. The guide book explains that these areas were used as pastures before residents were relocated to create the national park. Did the farmers save a few big oak trees to provide some shade? I don't know, but I'm glad these huge trees are still here for me to admire.
Blackrock Parking to Sawmill Overlook
Miles hiked 11.3
Bears sited 0


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  1. Cheryl lynch says

    I love Mountain Laurel. I always wanted to dig some up on the Poconos and bring it home, but I hear it’s protected.

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