Shenandoah Day Seven

I'm hoping to see another bear on our last hiking day but the noise I hear is only a browsing deer. Since deer regularly make an appearance in my yard at home and devour anything I have planted, I don't consider them that special, but it feels nice to see them in Shenandoah.


I didn't think I would get to finish this section hike. Laura discovered oil leaking under her car. We drove into Waynesboro after hiking to have it checked out–not so easy at eight o'clock at night. There wasn't a drop of oil left in the car but after tightening the oil filter, which was ready to fall off, and pouring in three quarts of oil, we were on the Trail early this morning. It's nice to know we've reached the top of Calf Mountain. I always add a rock to the cairn for good luck.
Signs at the top of the mountain are very nice also. It's sometimes hard to tell that you have actually reached the top because there can be several false summits, usually on really big mountains that feel like the killer unending stairway to heaven.
On the way down Little Calf Mountain, a hiker coming up tell us to watch for a garden of lady slippers.
Wow! They're everywhere. I've never seen so many lady slippers growing in profusion like this. How wonderful. Equally as good as siteing a bear.
I love climbing over fences on styles. It seems so old world and lovely. In places where they use gates to keep livestock corralled, I bet there's an app on your iPhone to operate them.
On this gate, someone has left a message.
“Go everywhere. Study everything. Fear nothing.”
A profound sentiment to ponder on the last mile to the trailhead. Laura and I have chattered our way down the Trail for the past week but we are quiet now, thinking about how we have enjoyed our time together. This has truely been a perfect hike. Shenandoah National Park is a special part of the world and my love for these mountains is soul deep. I think when I'm in my rocking chair and my mind drifts back to my Appalachian Trail journey, these past days are the ones I will savor most in memory.
Sawmill Overlook to Rockfish Gap
Miles hiked 10.4
Bears sited 0
Total Section Big Meadows to Rockfish Gap
Miles hiked 62.8
Appalachian Trail 2175 – 1453 = 722 miles remaining
Woohoo! I have less than a third of the Trail left!



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  1. Ellen McMillen says

    I enjoyed your posts of your Appalachian Trail journey. Very insightful and inspiring. Thank you!

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