Bobble Head Dinner

I only had a few days to rest up after hiking before I needed to go on a crazed house cleaning, shopping and cooking whirlwind. A month ago, with several friends, and Gary and I attended a Grgich Hills wine tasting dinner at DuPont Country Club. We all decided it would be a fun idea to take turns hosting a wine dinner. Whoever ended up with the Miljenko Grgich bobble head centerpiece was up first. That would be us. This all seemed like a great idea weeks ago, before the hike.


Gary and I both cooked and prepped food for hours. Why was I thinking I needed to set a high bar? Whole lotta work!
The Menu
Starter Grilled artichokes with smoked tomato pesto
Dinner Filet mignon with cilantro chimichuri sauce
Grilled asparagus and Vidalia onions
Goat cheese and chive roasted potatoes
Desert Chocolate mousse with ripe strawberries, amaretto creme
I guess we should have served Grgich Hills Estate wines but the wine store had a 20% off sale on Italian wine. Italian it is!
The house looked good after “puffin' and fluffin” as my friend Peggy says. I need some lessons in flower arranging from her. I loved the table centerpiece I made until I walked away and the dang thing crashed over. How do you get the florest foam to stay down, anyway? Note to self– duct tape does not stick when wet. At all. Not even a little bit. Finely used wire and with Gary's help rescued the flowers. I was frazed.
Everything looked beautiful, the weather was perfect, the candlelight just right and the food was delishious. Friends gathered around the table to enjoy dinner and wine and the good company of each other. What could be better!
Passing on that bobble head. Oh yeah!



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  1. It looks beautiful and sounds delicious!

  2. Andra Rudershausen says

    WOW! and WOW!

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