Shenandoah Day Four

Last night Laura and I stayed in a rustic cabin at Lewis Mountain, two small bedrooms connected by a tiny bathroom. A noise woke me up about 3 am. Laura in the bathroom? No, not that kind of noise. More like a loud scratching and scrabbling sound and it is definitely in my room. Crap. A mouse is into my food! I get up and gather all my trail snacks, wrap them up and put them high up on the clothes wrack. I was just falling asleep when the noise started again. Crap. The dang rodent is in the waste basket, long tail hanging over the edge, gnawing on a discarded peanut butter container. I bang the waste basket with my hiking pole and the mouse jumps for cover under the dresser. Waste basket goes up on the clothes wrack also and thankfully I don't hear any more out of him.
Hiking through Shenandoah National Park is wonderful. For some reason, the Appalachian Trail locators didn't find it necessary to make hikers clamber over every single rock pile.
The rocky viewpoints are just a few steps off the Trail and you don't gave to risk life and limb to take a look. Notice how short my poles are? I broke one of them and I had to attempt a temporary repair with duct tape. I have carried that tape over 1300 miles from Springer Mountain, Georgia and finely used it for the first time.
I'm very happy that the Trail is so moderate that I don't need my poles much of the time. Wild flowers lining the path are lovely, too.
This beautiful old spring flows right out of the mountainside. We aren't collecting water on our “Glam” hike. What a luxury to have bottled water and even a soda in our backpacks today.
Another gorgous day in the Shenandoahs. We are back at Big Meadows Lodge tonight. Hopefully in a mouse-free room.
Skyline 66.7 to Ivy Creek Overlook
Miles hiked 11.9
Bears sited 0


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  1. Andra Rudershausen says

    What a gorgeous hike you are having!! Will share this with Chuck to get him motivated. James woke up with a mouse in
    his bed when he was a “cave dweller” in our basement. Initially thought it was a cat. I would have died.

  2. Terry,

    Beautiful post! It’s funny how you call this a ”Galm” hike. I think it is anything but. When I first read about the scratching noise I assumed a bear story was going to follow.. What a relief it wasn’t that!

  3. I follow your blog, but don’t comment often….just wanted to say what an amazing beautiful part of the world you are hiking in. Glad to hear that you only have to deal with a mouse/rat and no bears! from Jenny in Australia

  4. It looks stunning there! I would also add Mouse eating 1 to your statistics. 😉
    Enjoy the travels! Love the postings!

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