New Sample for MAQ

Aren't these two fabrics pretty. I've had them pinned to my design wall for a few months. They were brought to me all the way from Bali! Gotta love friends who travel to exotic places and bring back fabric to share. Thank you, Cheryl!
I need to make samples for my Geometric Quilting in Layers class at MAQ in July. Many quilters struggle with fabric selection and I want to make this part fun and not intimidating at all. How about a very neutral background of “low volume” fabrics. Easy and not scary, right!
I cut strips from Wonder Under fusible web and stuck down my little center squares. Quilters always ask me how I blend my backgrounds and center squares effectively. The answer is, I cut way more center squares than I need. My quilt will have 25 blocks and I cut 56 centers. I didn't intend to cut that many, but every time I grabbed a fabric, it wanted to come to the party. Then I spyed a few squares I had cut for a different project and invited them, too. Heck, I kinda like those little squares all together and hate to cut them apart.
Auditioning the center squares is fun. The bad part is, as I try out new squares, I justify walking into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee or a snack so I can come back and see the composition “with fresh eyes.” I'll keep switching them out until I get them just the way I want them– or get tired and just go with it!
Trying to make a decision on binding. I don't like any of the fabric I have for a traditional binding and I don't think I want a facing-type, knife edge binding for this quilt. I thought this fabric might work. Rejected.
I love using any kind of stripe for binding. Rejected this too.
Now this is getting desperate. Another reject.
Back to my stash, I finely found a mottled, light gray fabric with just a hint of aqua. Quilt done! Now I just need a title for it. What do you think?



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  1. Love Love Love!! What great fabrics!

  2. Love it!

  3. I want to come to the party!

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