My Turn

It's my turn to host the Sometimes We Do Quilt Bee. I usually have some awsome quilts to show but not this time. There is an issue going on in my Bee that must be addressed. Knitting. There, I've said it. This incessant knitting must stop. Or at least be seriously scaled back, after all, how many scarves do we really need? I know, I know, yarn is fiber too but it is a poor second cousin to Real Fabric. So, you know who you are, take the high road, stray no more and we won't speak of this again.
I made a very quick Kids Quilt for the West Chester Domestic Violence Center. Calico Cutters Quilt Guild makes kits of pre cut squares to sew and my longarm made quilting fast and easy.
I like to sew a pocket on the back and include a book. I have been giving my grandchildren the books I read when my children were little and snuggled under a quilt for nap time. But I have boxes and boxes of books! I can never make enough quilts to make a dent. Maybe I can fit two or three books in the pocket. It's fun trying to match the story book to the theme of the fabric.


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  1. Christine says

    ooo…tough group. I keep trying to find good hand projects for car but the bumps and scenery do call for knitting. Just about only reason to knit. But then again some mighty nice fibers available,

  2. I agree with the knitting, if you need to keep your hands busy, applique is the way to go! Just my opinion.
    Love putting the book in the quilt, I may steal your idea!

  3. Andra Rudershausen says

    FINALLY….someone brave enough to speaketh the truth. NO MORE KNITTING AT QUILT. Keep your dirty little secret hobbies to yourself!!
    That said, loved the wonderful blueberry cake, the company, and the rythmic sound of Joan’s knitting needles. Peaceful. ALMOST as
    good as the hum of my Bernina. Thanks for a lovely morning. Got many plants and actually got most of them planted. A gorgeous day
    Wednesday, more good planting weather today. Stella says “hi”.

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