Mother’s Day

What a wonderful breakfast! Hot coffee, fresh orange juice, strawberries and melon, bacon, cheese strata with asparagus and onions, scrambled eggs and different breads, muffins and jams. We sat on our small patio and enjoyed every bite while watching the river and listening to birds call. But now I don't want to move!
In it's heyday, the canal was filled with water from aqueducts made by daming the many streams and rivers that flowed down to the Delaware River. There are plans to fill the canal again, as funding becomes available. I like riding along the sections that have water, today more often pumped into the canal from the river.
There are grand old homes.
Homes with beautifully kept gardens and grounds.
Stone cottages with modern additions.
I think this is the house I'd choose– a view from every room.
Check out the tree house! This historic property is the former home of William L. Lathrop. The 1756 House was the residence on the grounds of a mill complex. Lathrop, a renowned landscape painter, took the coopers shop for his studio and shuttled art students from New Hope on his boat, Sunshine. The scenic beauty must have inspired the artists on the canal.
We were told where to look to see this huge nest. We couldn't see the two juvenile birds but were lucky to see the two Bald Eagle parents, soaring over the river. We saw folks watching another eagle hanging out near a second nest built on an electrical tower. If I were an eagle, I'd try for the leafy real estate. A three eagle day!
Very appropriate for Mother's Day…that's a lot of kids…
This restored lock keepers home is the Delaware State Park Headquarters and museum and our turn around point in New Hope. No chance for a bite to eat unless you have reservations for brunch. No worries, maybe I'll be hungry by the time we peddle back up the river on the New Jersey side.
I've been thinking of my mother all day. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! And to all Mother's, I hope you have a wonderful day.



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  1. Christine says

    What a wonderful area! Thanks for the report!

  2. I thought of you also and wished we could be together on Mothers Day. Talking to you on Face Time and knowing you were having a good day was the next best thing. What a beautiful trail ride. I am so proud of you and all you acomplish.

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