The Civil War

This is a photo of my good friend and fellow quilter, Mrs. Bixby.
You just know this lady is a good quilter, right! Actually, this is Ginger, member of the Sometimes We Do Quilt Bee and she is in costume, playing Mrs. Bixby, in the Wilmington Drama Leage performance of The Civil War.
Several members of the Bee, and Christine, my plus one, had a wonderful lunch at Pizza by Elizabeth's before the show. You know everything is going to go well when you start with champaign cocktails.

The Civil War is a musical centering on the American Civil War, with the musical numbers portraying the war through Union, Confederate, and slave viewpoints. Ginger plays the role of Mrs. Lydia Bixby, a widow believed to have lost five sons on the battlefield. President Lincoln wrote a letter to express condolences for her tragic loss.

Ginger sings the hauntingly beautiful song, “Five Boys.” We were all in tears. She had warned us to bring Kleenex, with extra for Andra, who has a tender heart and has been known to sob…loudly.
Ginger's mother is a quilter and made the Civil War soldier's quilt hanging on the back of her rocking chair.
The story of the characters is told through the music, reading of actual letters and images projected on the stage screen. When a photograph of five boys was needed for Mrs. Bixby's scene, Ginger's five nephews fit the description perfectly. The boys were dressed for the part and Ginger's husband, Dave, photographed them in Old Newcastle, Delaware.
Dave worked some magic in Photoshop and created the perfect backdrop.
He also got a nice photo of all of us with the star. Great performance Ginger! If you like good music, wonderful singing and a story well told, go see The Cival War at the Wilmington Drama League, playing through May 3. “Sometimes We Do” quilt. Sometimes we are so lucky to enjoy our member's other talents.




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    Oh, how I would love to see this! Sounds so wonderful! Glad you had a great time!

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