Old Friends

This quilt has just returned home. It's been living the good life, traveling with my friend Cheryl Lynch in her trunk show of quilts.
I made the quilt for Cheryl's book, “Quilt Fiesta.” Cheryl wanted to show different colorways to illustrate how the tiles from Mexico could be used in quilt design. My quilt uses the Salsa Verde block which is a different version of the cover quilt. I designed the calla lily appliqué, also found frequently on Mexican table ware and tiles. Different fabric really changes the quilts!
I have been spring cleaning, trying to clear out unwanted “stuff” from our basement– mostly Gary's stuff, which could be better described as “junk.” I found my first sewing machine! I still have the original box and manual. I cleaned it up a bit and did a little research on EBay. I guess every little girl had a similar model because selling this old friend is not going to purchase my retirement place in Florida. All I could get would be a cup of coffee and a muffin at Starbucks. I'm keeping it. It will look nice in my studio.



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