Happy Easter

I walked around Longwood Gardens yesterday. Of course, inside the conservatory, is a riot of bloom and color. But I really wanted to see some signs of spring in the meadow and woodland. It took a long time to find these.
It's pretty pathetic to get all excited about skunk cabbage just starting to push up in April, for pity sakes. Normally, I'd find a swath of this early plants in late February.
I really thought I'd see some Bloodroot or Spring Beauty but not even a trace. I did find Snow Drops, but not very many and only in the sunniest spots.
I just can't believe how long Spring is taking to get here this year. The forsythia isn't even blooming yet and I had to buy these daffodils. Cherry pie for Easter? I like to think its a nice counterpoint to all the chocolate!
It wouldn't be Easter without deviled eggs. My daughter brought me this lovely hand painted egg plater from France. I think the two round depressions are for salt and pepper. My family members consider this a single portion of eggs. Happy Easter!

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  1. Cheryl lynch says

    I know what you mean about Spring. I just heard peepers at the park for the first time on Saturday.

  2. Holly Rutkowki says

    I am a docent at Longwood and the gardeners mentioned last week that spring is running two to three weeks late.

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