A Fun Day

I like speaking to quilt guilds and sharing my quilts, but what I really love is teaching Quilting in Layers workshops. I don't want to sound like an advertisement, but it's just darn fun for me to spend a day with quilters. They really are wonderful people. They so graciously allow me to help decide on colors and discuss layouts and composition. I get the fun of creating while they do the work!
These quilters from the Loose Threads Guild in Spring City, PA didn't shy away from learning a new technique. Power quilting happening here!
Everyone had such lovely colors. I saw the influence of spring everywhere.
Even this Amish color scheme leaned toward the blues and greens.
This quilter decided to add a ground layer and fringe the edges of her center squares. How creative! Making the little quilts personal is exciting for me to see and I learn things and get inspired. All I want to do when I get home is sew! And sit on the couch and relax… Thank you to Laurie and all the Loose Thread quilters. I had a fun and inspiring day!


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  1. Christine says

    Love the power sewing line up with the batting. Why didn’t I think of that?,

  2. Kiti Williams says

    I enjoyed listening and watching the quilts take shape! I hope to apply your technique soon. I think the best thing about this was the size of the units, I can do them on my domestic machine at a retreat and have it all quilted and done with. More quilts finished, less UFOs!

  3. Pat Leiter says

    Thank you Terry for a great workshop. I had so much fun that I continued the work when I went home. I feel my creative juices flowing! I love learning new techniques.

  4. Debby O'Keefe says

    This was one of the best workshops our guild has had! To any guild looking for an inspiring workshop, this is it! Terry is patient, inspiring, gives everyone individual attention , and is generous with her methods. What I really liked was that we all started by learning Terry’s method for creating a quilted background but we all are able to go on in our own direction to use it in our own way. I can’t wait to see all the different quilts we create as a result.

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