The House at Pooh Corner

Calico Cutters Quilt Guild makes up kits for members to take home and sew kids quilts for our donations to the Domestic Violence Center of West Chester. I grabbed this kit with really cute fabric, Winnie the Pooh prints.
It was fun to quilt the names of the characters in with the meandering leaf design.
I had two blocks left over and sewed a pocket on the back.
Just the right size to include this well loved book. It's upsetting to think how many quilts are needed at the shelter every month. I hope that the child receiving this quilt and book will be read to, wrapped in love, and safe, as every child deserves to be.



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  1. Christine says

    Nice! I like the book idea.

  2. What a lovely idea to include the book with it. Greeted to include that with many of our quilts. You have inspired me to go look at the two kits I took and get them done!

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