My friend Cheryl Lynch is a renegade. This isn't really a comment on her personality although she is a feisty red head. Cheryl is a vender at the Continental Inn in Lancaster during the AQS Quilt Show in downtown Lancaster. Years ago, when the show was at the Host Convention Center, there were so many venders, many had to set up across the street from the main venue. Somehow they became known as The Renegades, our favorite, not to be missed shops.
This customer came all the way from Israel for the quilt show and is watching Cheryl demonstrating how her Curvalicious Tool easily creates beautiful quilts. Check out The Renegades and say hey to Cheryl and her fun staff in the Cheryl Lynch Quilts booth.
This quilt by David Taylor, was my favorite at the show. Is this subliminal? Hearing the birds chirping and enjoying the 60 degree, sunny day? Might be. “Did You Wash Your Beak?” got my Viewers Choice vote.



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  1. Beautiful day at the quilt show. Everyone needs a Curvalicious tool from Cheryl and her silks are just beautiful. Loved the Cherrywood Wicked quilts and met Bethanne Nemesh! Standing next to her winning quilt! You never know what will happen in Lancaster!

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