Joan’s Quilts

A tree budding with leaves! This is a work in progress my friend Joan is making. Our Sometimes We Do Quilt Bee met at Joan's house this week, despite the ice storm. Joan's driveway was a sheet of ice so her husband shoveled a path through the snow and crusty ice across the front lawn so we could park on the street and get down the hill to her door. We weren't about to skip Bee because of a little (ok, a lot) of ice.
We got to see this quilt Joan is making and we agreed, nobody knows how to pronounce daiwabo.
Joan is a precision piecer, as this quilt top made from an Edyta Sitar pattern, shows.
She appliqués as well as she pieces.
I love this bird with the blossoms in his beak.
Joan says these are not colors she would normally select. The quilt really brightened a gray, still winter in March, day. So did catching up with friends, enjoying each other's company and seeing quilts. The iced lemon cookies and German chocolate brownies did wonders for my mood too!



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  1. Christine says

    Wow! Go Joan!

  2. Catherine Morano says

    All of these quilts are so pretty! Seems your group is beyond Sometimes We Do!! I’m curious about the wool appliqué added to the borders of a cotton quilt. Just lovely, but then how is the quilt cleaned? I think I need to do some research.

  3. Love this post. Joan, your quilts are beautiful. As much of colors I like, I love your quiet backgrounds in all of your quilts. I am in Seattle and it is not snowing here. In fact, since I got here, there has been not a single cloud in the sky, yet these quilts made me smile like the sunshine after a long while! Terry, thanks for sharing the show and tell! I miss you all, quilting and whole lot of other things.

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