Ice, Ice Baby

I said I wasn't going to post another snow photo.


Do ice storm photos count? We have half an inch of ice coating everything and no sunshine to make it all sparkle and shine. That's not fair!
I'm scheduled to teach a workshop all day and then lecture tonight to the Annapolis Quilt Guild, but the schools are closed and that means the Guild cancels the program. I've been having late night and early morning conversations with Helen, from the Guild, discussing possible scenarios. I felt about 20 years younger! Back to the days of little kids in school and phone chains. I'm disappointed. It would have been fun to sew on this gray, frigid day at the workshop with the Annapolis quilters. Ah well, much better to be safe.
And sew at home today.


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  1. Catherine Morano says

    Hi Terry — Sorry your trip was postponed. Better to be safe. I love this quilt. My favorite. Shows the silver lining to ice storms. The clean, sparkling, barely audible beauty.

  2. Leslie Skibo says

    Hi Terry – Let me know when you are back in Annapolis; I’d love to drive over, hear your lecture and see your quilts!

  3. Sharon Jeffery says

    Wonder ice quilt. You do such a great job with that square in a square! Good choice of colors. Sharon

  4. I know Judie was hugely disappointed!

  5. You can post that quilt anytime. I am just lucky to have seen it up close. It is stunning!

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