Throwing in the Towel

Remember this quilt from yesterday? WHAT A CHALLENGE. I wanted to use Superior Threads Bottom Line to stitch-in-the-ditch up and down the piano key border. Nothing I could do would keep the thread from shredding and breaking. I’ve used it before with no issues. I spent hours switching out needles, re threading, trying to get the tension right. It would stitch an inch and break the thread. Aaaarrrgh. I finely “threw in the towel” used Omni thread and had no problem. Until I started quilting straight lines in the dark area and hit my ruler with the needle! Wow! Scared the life outa me! The machine went crazy, stitching away. The screen went blank and I couldn’t turn it off. Finely gathered my wits and pulled the plug. I figured I was in for an expensive service call but when I plugged it back in, it booted right up and stitched just fine. Whew.


Speaking of towels, I went to swim laps at the YMCA pool this morning and crossing the parking lot, I realized I forgot my towel. I stopped in my tracks, deliberating– at 7 degrees, not considering the wind chill factor, mind you. What to do? A) Skip the swim and go to Starbucks. B) Drive home and get a friggin towel. C) Use what ya got.


I really wanted to swim so I chose option C. Since I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and a light fleece, I figured I’d use one of those as a towel after the shower. In retrospect, the fleece as towel was a bad choice. If you’ve never tried to dry your dripping wet self with fluffy polyester, I can tell you it is not a satisfying experience. To augment the useless fleece, I crept out to the sink area to grab a fistful of the very tiny, planet saving paper towels. Having no towel to wrap around myself, I had to do this…without a towel. I despise those dispensers that make you wave your hands underneath the sensor and then automatically roll out a few inches of paper, then make you wait a ridiculous amount of time, still waving your hands, for an additional few inches. Lucky for me, there was only one very buff and fit, fully clothed young woman watching me perform this routine.


I managed to pull my clothes on my moist body and finished by using the hair dryer. I didn’t want to run the risk of flash freezing a skim of ice while getting to the car. Of course I had to stand near the wall where the hair dryers plug in and I did get some looks. I could see them thinking, what the hell is she doing using a hair dryer on her…um, legs? I had a plan to say, “You didn’t know you can lose an extra pound with a hair dryer after your workout?” Thankfully everyone was too polite to ask because this would have backfired tomorrow when all the dang hair dryers would be in use and I’d have to wait for one.


It’s been a day. I’m having a glass of wine.



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  1. You earned that glass of wine. Did you know that fleece is made from recycled plastic bottles? That explains the lack of absorbancy. Having said that I dire your tenacity. Did you finish the quilt?

  2. Giggling so hard. I can truly imagine this. As you started mentioning your towel opptions, I was screaming ‘the turtleneck, T! Not the fleece’. But I guess you didn’t hear me! People might come to the Y just to watch your antics.

  3. Terry… You. Crack. Me. Up.

  4. I am falling off the chair laughing!!! I hate those paper towels thingys too!

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