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I attended the wine and cheese reception at the Malvern Retreat House Art Show on Friday night. The traffic nearing the venue was so congested I almost didn’t go into the show! I had no idea it was so well attended. You had to park in a remote lot and take a shuttle, which actually worked very well since we were dropped right off at the door. My first step was to secure a glass of Chardonay. I really didn’t know what the protocol was. Were the artists to stand near their own work? I felt a little conspicuous doing that so I decided to go around the back side of the room showing the fiber art, to get the lay of the land.
Someone from my quilt guild immediately came up and started talking to me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a red dot on the card next to my quilt. Whoopee! I sold a quilt. I thought it was the one on the right but when I walked closer, it hit me– someone purchased Mayapples…for $9,000.


Oh My Goodness. I was stunned. I am still stunned! Several people asked if I was the artist and I was so speechless I had trouble responding. So much for appearing cool and nonchalant! I did manage to avoid doing a fist pump and jumping up and down. I drank my glass of wine and went into the ladies lounge so I could email my mother to say thank you for all the art lessons she paid for and for teaching me to sew. Then I got another glass of wine!
I talked to lots of folks who were surprised to view quilts on the wall as art. One of the show volunteers told me that Richard Bollinger, a fine artist said he will never think of quilts in the same way again. Thank you to the art show committee for including quilts and fiber art in this prestigious show.
What a roller coaster of emotions– feeling successful as an artist and feeling that I’ve sold a child on the black market! Today I am somewhere in the stratosphere of selling a quilt for $9000 and the hard landing of realizing that Mayapples will not be coming back home with me. I don’t know who bought my quilt and I’m not sure if the art show organizers are allowed to give out that information. Today is the last day of the show and I’m going back to say a last good by. I hope Mayapples brings as much pleasure to its new owner as making it brought to me.





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  1. Your mayapples quilt is the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen. I told a friend if I had enough money to buy it and not enough room to hang it, I’d add on a room to hold it. Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of us!

  2. Congratulations, Terry! Well deserved! I’m so glad to see more people realizing that quilts are art! I so wanted to attend this event but was in Virginia, teaching. I saw this quilt when it was at the Tri-State Quilt Show and also at your lecture at the Main Line Quilt Guild. It is absolutely stunning. You deserve to be on cloud nine!!

  3. Congratulations Terry! I’m so happy I was able to attend on Wednesday. Gloria attended on Saturday and Mayapples was off the wall. We’re so happy for you. Wow, your Mom must be bursting with pride and excitement.

  4. I am so happy for you and a little sad that you won’t be seeing your lovely quilt anymore. I am sure you are on your way to many more successful shows. Congratulations!

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