Longing for Spring

Not another snow picture! I couldn't resist the six deer in my back yard. I'm sure they're even more anxious for Spring than I am. But this is the last snow photo because I have decided it's our last snow storm.
Perfect weather to stay inside and quilt. I can't decide if working on trilliums makes my longing for Spring better or worse.
It's a little tricky deciding on how many flowers to add to my canvas. I don't want too many to cover my pretty background blocks and stitching. The students in my Quilting in Layers classes always ask if I plan this out before I choose the blocks. Sometimes I do sketch out my composition, if it is going to be a very detailed quilt. Lots of times, with fused appliqué, I just let the wild flowers bloom where they will, deciding one at a time on my design wall.
I have fused WonderUnder to the fabric, removed the backing paper and cut out the pieces so that all I have to do when I have them positioned, is iron them down, I iron them while on my design wall, being careful not to let the iron touch the fleece covering. Yeah, you can guess what has happened …
I don't like the way the seams are showing under the flowers, especially with the thiner silk fabrics. I have tried fusing different light weight interfacings and have also layered several pieces of the same fabric. White and light pink flowers are challenging under dark backgrounds. I resist adding any other layers because then I lose that nice crisp edge and have to deal with fraying.
Lots of stitching helps to make the seam lines less noticeable.
The quilting makes the flat flowers and foliage come alive. It's my favorite part.
Finished! Now all I need is a title and to make a label. And some soft warm, breezes and sun and color returning to the landscape and chirping birds would be nice.



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  1. So glad you were able to save the seams showing with the stitching. It is lovely….and a promise of spring. And spring means so much more after a cold winter!

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