Trillium Glitch

I don't have all my blocks sewn together but I can start thinking about where I want to position my trillium flowers. The blooms and leaves are fairly large and I don't want to go to all the work of sewing a center square on the block if it's going to be hidden under flower appliqué. I want to audition some different greens for the leaves also.
While I'm cogitating about placement and leaf color, I can sew some of the lower block center squares. Aaarrrghh! My sewing machine has other ideas. I swear, my Bernina follows the stock market…up, down, up, down. Yesterday I flew through sewing squares. I have exactly the same set up today and for some inexplicable reason, my thread shreds and breaks every few inches. I am giving this machine a Time Out in a dark closet without a sip of oil. Actually, I suspect I have a warped bobbin case. I'll deal with you later, Missy.
My little sewing buddy Bella, has returned home. Kira came back from Rome and Venice and reclaimed her pet. It has been so cold that Bella hasn't wanted to go outside for her walk. I even caved to putting on her down jacket. She arrived with a truseau of several outfits but I refuse to go there…
Grand dog sitting has additional rewards! Treasures Kira brought us from Italy. I've got to get Gary salivating over recipes for Italian Night and see if I can interest him in cooking me something soon.
This Saturday two special people celebrate birthdays. My mother and my granddaughter, Avarie will be blowing out candles. I found this book for Avarie. OF COURSE! a 5 year old Princess can wear hiking boots and I sure hope she wants to. She's already gone for a short walk on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia and she can almost see McAfee Knob from her house.
I have to admit to a birthday soon, too. My mom sent me this book. I am so looking forward to reading and being immersed in a good story. Is there anything better than the gift of reading? Thanks Mom! And happy birthday to you!


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