Short Sleeves

Gary and I have traded sand for snow. It's a beautiful day in South Florida. Kids have had fun making this sand castle on Lovers Key Beach.
It's my birthday so I've decided we need to do something we've never done before.
I've convinced Gary to rent a boat and take me for a cruise. Um…not that really huge yacht behind him. We're from the Prairie State! Better start with something smaller and waaaay less expensive.
After a serious tutorial on how it all works and boating etiquette — actually, the guy said, you can pretty much do whatever you want…
We got the hang of it! This is great!
So much wild life and bird life in the mangroves. I wish I could have gotten a video of the dolphins swimming beside us and flipping out of the water.


You can also motor beside the private homes on the water. I need to win the lottery…
Ending a perfect day with a “sundowner” of champaign on the beach.




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  1. Wow!!!! It does look like a wonderful day spent celebrating your birthday. I’m impressed with bit of boat you did rent….not shabby at all!!! You do appear to be in your element. But come home…we miss you!!!!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Terry! Sorry I’m late! Looks like it was a perfect day!

  3. nancy truono says

    Happy birthday Terry! You really know how to celebrate! You and Gary look great! I enjoy your posts immensely and think your work is beautiful. Let’s get together the four of us! Enjoy your special day, Nancy Truono

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