I have been working on the center portion of the new quilt– yet to be named.
Some of the many threads I am using to quilt the blocks. The sparkly, metallic threads are no problem because I am not free motion quilting with the feed dogs down. Just straight stitching with my regular pressor foot.
The blocks look rough and scruffy while I'm quilting and piecing in the strips.
The iron works magic and trimming the blocks make them crisp.
I really love this block. I found a wonderful vender at the Houston Quilt Festival that over-dyes fabric. Hand dyed coloration with the botanical print will add interest.
I couldn't resist sewing the blocks together to see how they look. I want the background to look like a textured forest setting, with sticks and branches and the many greens and browns of early spring growth, as a backdrop for pink trillium flowers. Now here is the problem I always have. I like it just as it is! It is such a delimma for me to chose areas to cover up with the appliquéd flowers and leaves. I get carried away with those little quilted blocks! It's kind of the reverse of not being able to see the forest for the trees…or, …flowers.


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  1. This is a very “Terry” quilt in the making!

  2. Terry, This looks amazing! I would have hard time covering up these blocks too. but then again, when you do place applique on top, these squares take whole another life.. This makes me want to dig into my brown and green fabrics!

  3. WOW! Keep going…don’t stop,to exercise …eat?, well OK. I paused my scrolling whe I saw the block with the Houston overdue. At first I thought you had thread sketched. Just a thought…..


  5. I love seeing your process! The harmonious colors will be a great background for your flowers. I hope to be able to attend your show. Best wishes on all your preparation!

  6. Oh my goodness, Terry! I LOVE it! But, you know, it will be even more spectacular with your applique. Can’t wait to see more!

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