Packing Away Christmas

I used to start to pack away all the Christmas decorations on New Year's Day. That was a long time ago when I decorated for Christmas. This year, I took down two Christmas mugs, and when I came back from Hilton Head, I put them away. Done! Yep, I'm the Grinch, so I had a great time making and quilting this Grinch quilt.
My two grandsons and daughter Caitlin received this quilt and the book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Caitlin's not grinchy about Christmas, and they don't really need a flannel quilt in Santa Monica, California. But among her many talents, Cait can make a perfect Grinch face!
I did lots of Christmas quilting for customers. I quilted this beautiful quilt for Andra to give to her daughter for Christmas.
Andra requested swag feathers in the piano key border and a not too dense overall design in the pieced body of the quilt. Allison likes paisley so that worked well, mixed with holly. I sent Andra a photo of the quilting plan for approval since she was in Florida. Gosh, iPhones and iPads make some things easy!
I think the quilt turned out really well.
Both Andra and Allison were pleased. And that makes me happy.
So now my longarm wrack is waiting for the next quilt, but the studio isn't empty. I have a friend quilting with me! While Kira is in Italy for a few weeks, my little grand dog, Bella, is visiting She has such good taste. She selected the bin with all my silks to curl up in.



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  1. Love seeing the two girls getting exposed to sewing already. I feel that it is an art that is largely unknown today and it’s such a shame.
    I think my little Carsen will have fun doing some projects in a year or two.

  2. The quilting turned out great, you are on your way!

  3. Your quilting is beautiful! Perfect choices! And Bella is adorable too! You’re lucky to have such a cute helper!

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