A Different Art

My daughter Kira is a fashion model. It's not always a career of glamour and glitz. She has to be pretty adventurous. She once had to jump off a crane, into a swimming pool, wearing a voluminous ball gown. She also ran on a treadmill next to a tiny gold giraffe. Recently, she had paper dresses constructed on her body.
She took pictures of some of the process.
Here she is getting her body spray painted by the make up artist. The paper dress was taped on her body. She said it wasn't all that much fun to remove…
That is quite a dress! Not sure about the dark eye make-up… A counterpoint to the beauty of the woman in the gorgeous gown?
Photographers capturing the stylist's vision.
Would you believe this advertisement is all about the shoes?
Shoes in lots of colors. I wonder how that dress is holding up?
The shoe images were superimposed on the backdrop and Kira, wearing the white paper dresses.
Heck. I wish they would have left off the shoes. All I'm interested in seeing is Kira! And those cool paper dresses. I guess that's the “Mom” point of view.


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  1. How neat would it have been to have photos of your quilts shot onto that dress! Any which way she does look beautiful!

  2. Such a cool dress and of course a beautiful person inside it!

  3. Very cool! I’d love to see more of the paper dresses too.

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