Winter Trilliums

I knoooow! It has been a long time since my last post. I have been sewing like a demon but I can't show anything because everything I have been working on, is for Christmas gifts. Maybe that means lots of posts later! I can't wait to show some of my customer's quilts that I have been longarm quilting. Did you catch that word “CUSTOMER?” That's right! I have decided that using my longarm sewing machine is so darn much fun, that I can't churn out enough quilt tops to just quilt for myself.

Much more on my new venture coming soon.


I do have a few postcards I just made that I can share. I am deleriously in love with trilliums– (and can't wait for May when they will be in bloom.) I taught a postcard workshop at Mt Cuba Center last July and I am amazed how many trillium lovers there are! Mt Cuba is renowned world wide for trillium research and propagation and the word spread. I received many requests from people wanting to buy cards and went into crazy production mode, creating small works of art.


One request came from Susie Egan, owner of Cottage Lake Gardens. She wanted to frame 6 cards in two sets of three, to hang in her beautiful Bed and Breakfast Inn in Woodinville, Washington. She really gave me free reign to design the cards, but said she loves pink, and blue would fit in with her decor.
A challenge! I tend toward a more woodsy setting for my flowers but what fun to audition my blue and pink fabrics. I wanted all six of the cards to work together so that Susie could choose how to group them, but have each card be individual and unique.
I left off the card backs to make the small artworks easier to frame. When I send them through the mail, I enclose the card in a plastic sleeve, having the post office clerk hand cancel the stamp first.
The new owner was thrilled with her cards and guess what! Susie invited me to teach workshops on making trillium postcards at Cottage Lake Gardens in the spring! When the trilliums are in bloom in the Gardens, Susie does Trillium Walks and Trillium Teas and I think Trillium Postcard Workshops would be so much fun to teach in that amazing setting. I know I would be inspired! We are working on the details but I really hope everything will come together.




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  1. Wow! Lots of wonderful news today! Congrats and so glad to hear about your two new ventures!

  2. thesenare truly little pieces of art that bring joy to the viewer/owner. The idea of doing the workshop at the B&B sounds like such a fun adventure. Going into the long arm business….well, I’m staying tuned.

  3. What fun! Trios of Trilliums. I like it and it wold be an awesome venue to be immersed in trilliums. And good luck on your new venture. I knew it wouldn’t take long for you to be confidently long arming away.

  4. Terry, these postcards are amazing! I hope you workout the details and head out there in spring. Just the idea of you being in my old backyard put a big smile on my face. You will love it there! I look forward to the pictures of all the Christmas gifts.

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